Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project Mayhem - T.N.T

Comin Str8 Outta Hattiesburg, Mississippi!!!!!
Whatcha got goin, Baby? This ya boy T.N.T- Tri NitroTerrorist" The Hub City Hell Raiser! I am 29 years old and I've been exposed to music since I was three years old and I really became interested in rapping at the age of nine, when my uncle would bring me underground mix tapes from Texas, Memphis, Miami and Atlanta. I started crafting my style from the influences of Lord Infamous, Playa Fly, Koopsta Nicca, Project Pat, Mr. Sche,Outkast and Goodie Mob. At that time, I did not have a name for myself, but my flows were so different from any other rappers in da hood. I had gangstas rocking to my freestyles and songs. Leo called me TNT because i blew my opponents asses off like dynamite!so, after that I started calling myself T.N.T- TRI- NITRO-TERRORIST!! I represent the dark side of hip hop and rap, which is always ignored, because the truth is always hard to swallow. Nobody wants to know that their son or daughter is on drugs or that their spouse is cheating on them. Nobody wants to make a change to better themselves and their community, or know that when they do wrong , eventually, they will have to face the consequences. That is ultimately why I, T.N.T.-TRI-NITRO-TERRORIST, will bring out the truth until it explodes in your face. People need to realize hiding the truth stunts growth and productivity. I see myself bringing back "Real" hard lyrics that is missing from southern music right now. Everybody aint a druglord, gangsta, baller, or a killa. And not everybody wants to snap their fingers and shake their asses! As long as I breathe, I will represent the truth and harsh realities of life so future generations will learn from me and not make the same mistakes that have plagued our people for years. Better believe that when T.N.T. is heard, you will recognize that I'm bringing the almighty movement of MISSISSIPPI to ya!! 

Fast foward to 2010... After doing collabs with Koopsta Knicca, M.C. Mack, and Mr. Sche, T.N.T kept in close contact with Mr. Sche which resulted into them forming a joint venture with T.N.T Productionz/Immortal Inc to put out a collabo album with production by Mr. Sche and T.N.T!!! The end result was a raw gritty realistic album called "JUICE" that is for sure to bring that real conscious crunk and lyrical essence back to the south! AVAILABLE HALLOWEEN 2011!!!
Album available @ www.mrsche.net OR www.iapstore.com
For booking features or production: 6012705324

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